Casting The Perfect Gears Of War Film

We go outside the box to bring you the ultimate Gears of War fan cast.

Joe Manganiello Marcus Fenix

A Gears of War movie has been speculated and talked about ever since the series debut in 2006.

Gamers have spent over a decade piecing together their perfect vision for the ultimate fan casting. Various studios and actors have expressed great interest in the idea of a film adaptation but the notion has never made it past the cutting room floor. While a Gears movie may currently be just a pipe dream, it hasn't stopped wild speculation and intrigued by audiences.

The most notable figureheads at the forefront of the dream Gears movie include Dave Bautista, John Cena, and Dwayne Johnson. Bautista is one of the few actors persistent in starring in a live-action adaptation so much so that The Coalition added his likeness to Gears 5.

But we aren't here to show you the same fan cast you've seen countless times over the years. So strap in and put on your tin foil hats for this Top 10 Perfect Gears Casting.

10. Dwayne Johnson As Clayton Carmine

Joe Manganiello Marcus Fenix
The Coalition

Starting off the list with an honorable mention is the Grub Killer himself, Clayton Carmine.

While this iteration of Carmine does not show up until much later it could still be possible to have the same actor play each of the subsequent roles. Each Carmine brother hides their identity by wearing a helmet and are even voiced by the same actor. Carmine was originally a character to be disregarded as a generic redshirt but rose to fame among fans garnering him an appearance in each game. As a series first, gamers were able to choose the fate of the third Carmine brother, Clayton, by voting online if he should live or die.

Upon the release of Clayton's character model it was clear that this was no ordinary red shirt. Clay is quite possibly the most ripped character in the franchise and often depicted holding a Mulcher in one hand.

And who better to play the strongest and most headstrong Gear than Dwayne Johnson?

While Johnson has been considered for multiple roles in a Gears movie, his star power as a Hollywood nice guy detracts from the grittier tones of the series. Too often can large names in the main cast take away from the overall experience and Johnson doesn't quite fit into any of the four major roles.

Johnson's go get 'em attitude and uplifting personality is ideal for the most fervid of the Carmines.


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