First Mortal Kombat Movie Details Revealed

The blockbuster begins shooting later this year.


After years of rumours and false-starts, it seems as though a new live-action Mortal Kombat movie is finally happening. An alleged press release for the film has been doing the rounds on Twitter, shared here by Boss Logic, which seems to indicate that the film is gearing up to shoot in Australia later this year.

If you're not convinced by some random image on the internet, then Australia's PM, Steven Marshall, also tweeted from his official Twitter account celebrating Warner Bros. choosing the country as the shooting location for the movie.

The press release doesn't give away anything in the way of plot details or which fighters will be showing up, but it does reveal pretty much every major player who's going to be involved behind the camera. The biggest name there is James Wan, the horror-extraordinaire-turned-blockbuster-filmmaker who's producing the adaptation. It's a shame he's not directing, as Wan is easily one of the most exciting filmmakers in Hollywood at the moment, but he's quickly become Warner Bros. go-to guy for their major projects, and has a great track record as a producer.


Simon McQuoid is directing, with Mortal Kombat being his feature debut. So far he's mostly focused on commercials, and now Warner Bros. are giving him his chance to helm a major motion picture. Greg Russo, the scribe behind the yet-to-be-released Highwaymen, is on writing duties, making Mortal Kombat the first blockbuster project both the writer and director have worked on.

The film is described as a "bold cinematic adventure based on the blockbuster video game franchise," and with pre-production set to begin later this month and actual production set to begin before the year is out, we should know more sooner rather than later.

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