Le Mans '66 Review: 7 Ups & 3 Downs


3. Some May Find It Too Conventional


For some, the biggest ding against Le Mans '66 will be that it doesn't really do anything to paint outside of the genre box.

We've all seen these David vs. Goliath underdog stories before, and to that end, you'll know almost exactly where the story is going at any one moment.

Is it a huge problem, especially considering the movie's basis on fact? Not really, but some may be left wishing it didn't paint in quite such broad strokes for the sake of more casual audiences.

Some of the dialogue feels a little prosaic in an attempt to get its themes across and also ensure that everyone's uncle can still follow what's going on, when something a little subtler would've likely proven a tad more effective.


Again, though, it's in no way a deal-breaker.

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