Nathan Fillion UNCHARTED Movie: 14 Easter Eggs & References Fans Will Love

The best fan film ever made?

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Allan Ungar

Like a dream come true after nine years of it first being teased, Nathan Fillion has finally capitalised on what feels like millions of requests and endless rumours, casting himself as Uncharted's Nathan Drake in a mid-budget fan film.

Coming after Fillion posted a status on Instagram semi-cryptically hinting at an Uncharted movie. The 'gram included a picture of the artist Drake, with the phrase, "Sic parvis magna" and a date of July 16th.

While many outlets took this as Fillion confirming he was in Sony's official Uncharted movie (the one that at time of writing, is set to star Tom Holland as "Young Drake"), we got this immaculately well-conceived, tightly filmed love letter to the franchise and its fans instead.

Needless to say, Nathan Fillion was born to play the role, and thanks to Naughty Dog doing an "older Drake" story in Uncharted 4, it's no longer a stretch to see a more mature hero still going through the motions.

Scratch the wider implications for a minute though, because clearly Fillion and director Allan Ungar have done their homework. This live-action flick is LOADED with easter eggs, references and all-things well meaning, but did you catch them all?

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