Predator: Every Film Ranked Worst To Best

31 years. Six films. How has time treated this iconic franchise?


A little over three decades ago, in the summer of 1987, audiences watched Arnold Schwarzenegger square off against a deadly hunter from another world in director John McTiernan's lean, mean, action/horror machine, Predator. In the years that followed, the film spawned a franchise all its own, with sequels, comic books, video games, and more all stacking up to solidify the Predator itself as a pop culture icon.

After two direct sequels and two crossovers with the Alien franchise, this year marks the return of the Predator to the big screen for the first time since 2010 with Shane Black's The Predator, which has arrived this weekend to some pretty high expectations from fans all over the world who have their fingers crossed that it can brighten up the franchise's future rather than fall on its face and put the series back on ice. With the film now unleashed, it's the perfect time to revisit the Predator's cinematic legacy to date to see how the latest film stacks up to its predecessors.

Keeping in mind that this article contains spoilers for The Predator, let's look back over the sci-fi icon's run so far to sort out which entries have stood the test of time (and why) and which entries are better left forgotten...

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