RUMOUR: Assassin's Creed Movie Is Called Time Out Of Mind?

Is this the name of the Michael Fassbender video game adaptation?

UPDATE: I've confirmed that Time Out Of Mind is the Production Title for Assassin's Creed, named after TOOM Productions Ltd. The film is, to my knowledge, still just known as Assassin's Creed You should be excited about Assassin's Creed. Oscar-nominee Michael Fassbender and Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard reunite with the visionary director of Macbeth, Justin Kurzel, for an adaptation of the video game series with the most unbelievably cinematic story. And... that's pretty much it. The film is shooting now and, bar knowing the historical time period will be the Spanish Civil War, details are scarce on the film. Well, now we may have something more. Rumours I've heard from the set of the film suggest that the film isn't just going to be called Assassin's Creed; on set it's been named Time Out Of Mind. Interesting. Now this could just be a production title used to keep fans from swarming the set, a common practice for most big blockbusters, but there's a pretty strong link to the franchise's story that this could be a genuine subtitle. Time Out Of Mind is pretty much a wordy summary of the high-concept of AC - in the near-future, people can relive their ancestors memories through some pesudo-science of DNA - and has an epic-y feel to it in a Star Wars sort of way. If Fox are hoping to turn Assassin's Creed into as big a movie property as the games (although maybe not with rushed annual releases), they need to make clear that this first movie is just the start of something bigger, and the now-classic "Colon-Subtitle" is by far the most vogue way to do it. What do you think? Is the AC movie called Assassin's Creed: Time Out Of Mind? Or is it just a working title.Assassin's Creed is in cinemas 21st December, 2016.
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