Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Reveals Horrifying New Poster

He's no hedgehog, he's a hench-hog.

Sonic movie

Just as we're about getting over the eldritch horror that was the Detective Pikachu trailer's frighteningly furry and bothersomely bulbuous 'real-life' Pokémon, SEGA go and drop a similarly distressing teaser for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

Those of a sensitive disposition: look away now. It's a little bit stomach-churning.

The five-second snippet only shows so much as Sonic's silhouette zipping through a line of rings before skidding to rest centre-frame, but his outrageously muscly outline is enough to give anybody the heebie-jeebies. From this briefest of glimpses, the blue blur looks less like the Mega Drive mascot we all know and love, and more like the result of some shady science experiment investigating injecting hedgehogs with PEDs.

From the producers of The Fast and the Furious, the similarly speedy Sonic movie features Ben Schwartz in the eponymous role, Jim Carrey as robot master Dr. Robotnik, and, peculiarly, James Marsden as a character called Tom. Apparently, he's a cop who helps Sonic escape the government in the Green Hill Zone. Rings a bell doesn't it?

Detective Sonic, in other words. We, er, won't rush to judgement.

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is set for a 26 December release next year.

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