The 5 Types of Bond Villain

5. The Super-Intelligent

Bond€™s greatest asset? His luck, his charm, his marksmanship... there are few who would claim that James Bond is an intellectual giant. He€™s able to improvise well, can apparently speak a few languages and is a master poker player €“ but that€™s all part and parcel of the secret agent gig. Indeed, he€™s often teased by his opponents for being nothing more than a faithful terrier for Her Majesty. And this is a universe in which Denise Richards is a nuclear physicist.
It€™s natural, then, that Bond often has to face off against geniuses. It€™s a different skill set, and while it will inevitably ultimately prove ineffectual against Bond€™s ability to use part of the villain€™s arsenal against him and then fire off a quip, it can certainly provide an exciting challenge for the hour and a half leading up to that point. This trait is often combined with others, but there are a few examples of Bond villains whose intelligence was their greatest asset. Examples: Max Zorin, Kronsteen, Le Chiffre.
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