Uncharted Movie Gets A VERY Promising Director

Can Sony finally pry this project out of development hell?

Uncharted 4
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Sony have been trying to get a movie version of Uncharted off the ground for over a decade now, going through directors faster than they do reboots of Spider-Man. Between David O’Russell and Seth Gordon, the studio haven’t been able to make anything stick, and just when it looked as though they did have a solid concept and director in Shawn Levy, he departed as well, with the project seemingly going back into development hell.

However, Sony apparently seem committed to making the Uncharted film happen, and have now appointed Dan Trachtenberg as the latest director. This does seem promising though as, while he only has a few credits to his name, they've all been spectacular. 10 Cloverfield Lane was a surprise smash hit, taking that series down a radical new direction that focused more on tight, claustrophobic horror and detailed character work. His Black Mirror episode, Playtest, was also excellent, revelling once again in the same mind-bending thriller territory.

His genre work so far might not seem instantly compatible with Uncharted’s grand action-adventure tone, but it’s clear that the director knows how to craft exciting, interesting films, which is more than can be said for the last couple of people who occupied this role. Shawn Levy for instance, while not a bad director by any means, is more of a “safe pair of hands” than a real visionary. Looking at any of his other flicks, you can kind of see the safe, uninspired three-star film Uncharted could have been with him at the helm.


Trachtenberg is an inspired choice though, and while the adaptation has already upset some fans by casting Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake, he could be the kind of director the project needs to convince everyone about this new creative direction.

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