10 "Assumed To Fail" Video Games That DESTROYED Expectations

9. DOOM (2016)

Ghost of Tsushima

It’s never easy making a reboot of anything people used to love, especially video games. Often times people hold their love for the original product on such a high pedestal, any attempt to repeat the success of the original is viewed as blasphemous.

For the DOOM remake, expectations were beyond high, and ID Software wanted to make sure the product they released was perfect. In fact, halfway through the game's original production, ID Software threw out all its hard work on the DOOM remake and started all over from scratch.

Even then, initial playtesters were pessimistic at best. The multiplayer was poorly received and people simply didn’t like the game. But somehow, someway, DOOM was finally released almost ten years after initial development began, and it was somehow perfect.

IGN may not have been able to properly show off how the game was in their initial playthroughs. But for fans of the original DOOM, this was like coming back home.

The game, music, tone, setting, and main character were all well received by fans and critics alike. Even people who never got the chance to play the original DOOM games could enjoy this fresh new take on the classic run-and-gun genre.


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