10 Actors Who Should Be In The Witcher TV Series

Vampires, wizards, and poets, oh my!

Witcher TV Quadtych
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It's actually happening: A Witcher TV series is in the works at Netflix, ready to take up the mantle as Game of Thrones slowly but surely bows out of the fantasy TV race. But as hyped as everyone is, we know nothing about the show itself. Which stories will it adapt? How many episodes will each season be? If it's good, will that technically count as breaking the video game movie curse - even though it will be based off the book series that inspired the games rather than the games themselves?

But perhaps most importantly of all: How will Netflix cast this show? Not only for Geralt of Rivia, but for the entire ensemble? Will they cast unknowns or obscure character actors to fill out this cast, or will they push for more famous faces?

There has been plenty of speculation online about the casting of Geralt himself, but far less for roles like Dandelion and Yennefer. A fantasy epic needs a wide range of colorful characters. Who would take up the roles of Geralt's friends, allies, and enemies?

The Witcher books are packed with nuanced and unique characters, so in this article we'll do our best to pick the ideal actor for each key character. And before anyone asks, we're only doing characters that exist in the books as well as the games (sorry, Iorveth fans). And, yes, some of these actors probably are too big or too expensive for a supporting role in a TV show, but in 2017, who knows what could happen?

10. Keith David As Eredin Bréacc Glas

Witcher TV Quadtych
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Of all the characters listed here, this one is the least likely to appear in the series. This is largely a guess on my part, but my other option was to cast Charles Dance as the Emperor of Nilfgaard, which the games already did. At any rate, Eredin is the King of the Wild Hunt, an ethereal being who leads a horde of spectral riders in between worlds. They're a thoroughly ghastly presence that most write off as myth.

Keith David is one of the most prolific voice actors currently working, and it's easy to see why. His voice is deep, rich, and can be both comforting and deeply intimidating. While Eredin is an elf, the role of this entity is likely going to be voice-only, which would make Keith David perfect for the part. Even if it's only a fleeting appearance, this figure, combined with this actor's rich bass tones, could make an incredible impression.


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