10 Addictive Video Game Collectibles You HAD TO 100%

What are you NOT going to get all of Jin's headbands??

Ghost of Tsushima white costume
Sucker Punch

To experience a game is often to burn through its story and arrive at the credits.

Said experience, if executed well, is usually a worthwhile endeavour, but as games increase in both length and development time, the promise of an unforgettable first playthrough is simply not enough.

Replay value is now a vital component of a £60 release, and a frequently leaned upon mechanic to achieve such a feat is the planting of a smattering of collectible items in and around its world to give players a reason to stick around outside of a game's main campaign.

Though the point of most high-budget games isn't to run around exploring every nook and cranny of its world in search of secret items, the thirst to round out a collection is often too enticing to pass up. Some will refrain from removing the disc from a console until all achievements are complete and all trinkets snagged, and others are simply not enticed by the hunt.

There are examples of games, however, that make collecting its secrets such an enjoyable task or an essential component of the experience that it's hard to resist the mighty task.

10. Masks - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Ghost of Tsushima white costume

Each passing entry in the esteemed Legend of Zelda series is always accompanied by a collect-them- all meta-game, from Links Awakening’s sneakily placed seashells to the plentiful korok seeds in Breath of the Wild.

There are staples of the franchise like heart container pieces and dungeon items that make up a substantial chunk of exploration, but every iteration of Link's heroic quest has something new to scoop up.

Though most are a welcome distraction, none are as intriguing as the masks found in and around Termina in 2000’s Majora’s Mask, the twisted sister of 1998's Ocarina of Time.

All of the 24 masks included are not only hugely different in design, but each offers a new addition to gameplay, be it a slight advantage or a downright game-breaking one. Fitting quirky headgear to run faster or become invisible to enemies is a rather unorthodox approach, but in a game that is as unorthodox as they come it’s all rather in keeping with its tone.

Only a few masks are essential for the story, and most of which require little exploration to be obtained, so those remaining are merely there to enhance the experience as well as elevate Link’s dashing good looks to new heights.


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