10 Amazing Gaming Cinematics That Had Us All Hooked

Some games etch themselves into the history books before we've even touched the controller.

Perhaps the biggest key to making a truly memorable game is nailing that introductory cutscene. If you can create an intro that grabs the attention of the player immediately, making absolutely certain that they will play your game until the end, you've done an exceptional job. It's not easy, and many games have tried and failed over the years while others have aced it despite the games themselves maybe no living up to their potential. It's a fine line to walk, as well. Too short and the player will be thrown into their adventure without any credibility to their journey. Make it too long and they'll shut your game down before you know it. You have to be absolutely certain that the opening moments do enough to lure the player in with the promise of great riches ahead. If you wave a big enough carrot in front of them, they'll bite. It's impossible to clarify the bottom line or the objective 'best way' to make an introduction, as they all have their own unique themes. Whatever theory you subscribe to, there's no doubt that introductions are important - as the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So here are 10 game intros so amazing and awe-inspiring, that they had us eating out of the palm of their hands.

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