10 Amazing Ideas Wasted On Terrible Video Games

Kane & Lynch shouldn't have been so forgettable when its multiplayer was SO good.

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It's nothing profound to say that most bad games are based on bad ideas. Fans knew that the decision to make Fallout online-only multiplayer survival would result in 76 being terrible, while just as many others realised that prioritising graphical fidelity over gameplay would spell disaster for The Order: 1886.

The writing was always on the wall.

Of course, while it's frustrating to see a bad release botch a bad idea, it's another thing entirely when a project actually has unique and interesting aspirations, but not the talent behind the scenes to realise them in video game form. These are instances where a developer has something special on their hands, a concept which could potentially change the way games are played and made, and fans can do nothing but sit idly by and watch as the promise of said concept is completely fumbled before their very eyes.

The very definition of "it sounded better on paper", these ideas were wasted on games that didn't deserve them.

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