10 Amazing Pieces Of Video Game Foreshadowing

9. Wrinkly 64 (Donkey Kong Country 3)


Back in the day, Rare made a habit of being right sly buggers, using their tight-knit relationship with Nintendo of America to drop little hints about the future throughout their games - making themselves look like right smarty-pants in the process.

The third game in the Donkey Kong Country series came so late in the SNES' lifetime that many had already moved on from the ageing console - and if they hadn't, they had one eye on what Nintendo had up their sleeve next.

So too, did Rare. Sometimes when the player enters one of Wrinkly Kong's Save Caves in Donkey Kong Country 3, they can distract the octogenarian ape from playing on an N64 - just months after the console's release. What game is she playing? Based on the familiar melody, it's none other than Super Mario 64!

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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