10 Amazing Video Game Moments Created By Fans

You're welcome, Bethesda.

Fallout New Vegas Hardcore Mode

In recent years, the relationship between video game developers and their fans has become increasingly complex and intimate, with the Mass Effect 3 debacle raising a debate about fan entitlement and how much companies actually owe their paying customers.

But sometimes fans haven't been content to simply complain and make petitions for new features - they've just bloody gone and done it themselves.

That's certainly the case with these 10 gaming moments, modes and full-on games, all of which exist solely because a dedicated, unpaid fan wanted to make the game better.

Thankfully the devs were smart enough to either officially endorse the modifications, incorporate them into the game themselves or even offer the fans jobs, but as the annals of gaming history have shown us, not all fans are quite so lucky.

A week doesn't go by without a promising fan project being shut down by publishers desperate to protect the commercial viability of their brand.

Yet in our present remix culture, more forward-thinking companies are smart enough to foster such dedication to their IP rather than brutally stamp it out.

Without developers and publishers embracing the creativity of their fans, these 10 awesome video game moments never would've enjoyed the success that they did...


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