10 Amazing Video Games With ONE Infuriating Enemy

9. EsoCorp Rovers - Surviving Mars

Eliminators Resident Evil 0
Paradox Interactive

Surviving Mars is a dream come true for fans of the city building genre that wanted a new edge to what they could play. Why limit building settlements or cites to the confines of the planet Earth? Paradox Interactive embarked on this colonisation of a new red world.

Now in 2018, a vast majority of games will now spoon feed players as they go from crawling to learning to walk, but tasking them with a super subtle invasion from a rival corporation out of nowhere is something else entirely. At first, these rovers will be part of a recon mission, and instructions are to leave them alone. Said rovers then run out their use and left for scrap, but later on, everything goes sideways.

A minor pop up will advise that they "may not be friendly", but not that the first space battle is about to commence.

EsoCorp's Rovers are equipped with mortar-like rockets that will bombard the colony from afar, and can only be faltered with the rampant construction of Defence Turrets. These are the only defence against MarsGate and without spam building them, Mars will almost certainly fall.

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