10 Ambiguous Video Game Endings You're Getting Totally Wrong

Got more questions than answers? Think again.

Video Game Endings
Square Enix/Hothead Games/Sony/Konami

The video game industry may be littered with cliché stories about gun-toting heroes saving the world from flesh-eating zombies and alien invasions, but there are some truly deep, meaningful tales told in this medium too.

From philosophical indie developers like Jonathan Blow all the way up to industry leaders like Hideo Kojima, the gaming world has been blessed with some marvellously creative and intellectual storytellers.

However, some of the greatest gaming tales tend to end ambiguously, to say the least. More than a few times, players have been left with an overwhelming sense of confusion after watching the final scenes of their favourite titles play out.

Hardcore gamers adore analysing and discussing ambiguous game endings in the tiniest detail, suggesting their own theories and explanations, and we're here to try and put the record straight on ten of the most ambiguous game endings in history.

10. Bloodborne

The Ending: Bloodborne actually has three different endings, but only one of them shows the true end to the story. In the 'Childhood's Beginning' ending, we see the player transformed into some kind of slug creature and picked up into the arms of the game's Plain Doll character, who says "Oh good Hunter" as the screen fades to black.

What You Missed: As the way to unlock the true ending is so obscure, many players never actually saw it, and even those who did see it didn't really understand what was going on.

To unlock the ending, you had to find and consume three special items and defeat the game's final secret boss, the Moon Presence.

A subtle part of the ending you might have missed is when the Moon Presence attempts to hug the Hunter, but recoils in horror. This is because, in consuming the special items, you have become a Great One. The Moon Presence despises the Great Ones and wants all of them dead for the Hunt to continue. However, in defeating it once and for all and becoming the only Great One left, you basically become God, able to bring in a brighter and better future.


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