10 Annoying Video Game Boss Fights Everyone Skips

These bosses just weren't worth the hassle.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Headless

While not everybody plays video games for the challenge, a lot of people do, and the sense of achievement in finally defeating a tricky boss is undeniable.

Yet sometimes a boss is so frigging annoying that players en masse have skipped it outright, whether bypassing an optional boss fight or finding a clever way to circumvent a story boss you're supposed to battle the hard way.

These 10 bosses represent some of the most fascinating and infuriating challenges in all of video games, from brutal, borderline unfair fights to those that simply prove so time-consuming that most players just couldn't be bothered.

Those who persevered and made it through these fights certainly deserve special commendation, because most players either had a few tries and then decided to skip them, or better yet heard how difficult they were and never even tried.

Life's too short to spend hours and hours toiling away on a boss clearly designed to spike your blood pressure and wring angry tears from your eyes, and so there was no shame in just sacking these 10 ludicrous boss fights off entirely...

10. Sephiroth - Kingdom Hearts

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Headless
Square Enix

Square Enix took what should've been a thrilling blast of fan service and turned it into a nightmarish endurance trial with Kingdom Hearts' optional boss fight against Final Fantasy VII icon Sephiroth.

The Platinum Match at Olympus Coliseum sees Sora battle Sephiroth in a fight that truly separates the weekend warriors from the hardened veterans.

Sephiroth's attacks are powerful enough to take inattentive players out in record time, especially if you haven't got Second Chance equipped and can't negate his one-hit-kill attack Sin Harvest.

Defeat proved infinitely more irritating in the original PS2 version of the game where cutscenes couldn't be skipped, meaning you had to sit through the 45-second preamble cutscene every single time you wanted to try again.

There comes a tipping point where, after hammering at him for two or three hours, most players just give in and decide to sack Sephy off.

As neat as it was to see him in the game, the legend of his difficulty quickly became known enough that many players never even attempted it.


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