10 Annoying Video Game Mechanics That Need To Die

10. Limited Sprint


Limiting a player's ability to sprint usually just means that players take longer to get from one place to another. Functionally, in gameplay, that is more often than not the single thing that sprinting affects. Very few games require sprinting mid-combat and even fewer do so well.

So, unless sprinting is vital and useful in moment to moment gameplay, don't limit it. All it does is make getting around more tedious. And even if it is, then have a separate combat stamina meter so that we don't have to start and stop when going from point A to point B.

Games like Dark Souls in which sprinting is a genuine tactic when it comes to fighting an enemy and is often utilised during combat? Fine. But Call of Duty? When the most sprinting your character is doing is from one piece of cover to the next? Don't limit it.

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