10 Most Anticlimactic Boss Fights

Because having to fight a giant floating foetus just doesn't have the impact you'd think it would.

Love them or hate them, boss fights are a feature seen in almost every game. Usually taking the form of a particularly large or clever opponent, a good boss fight should be the ultimate test of everything you've learnt in the game so far. Some of the most famous moments in gaming history involve a climactic boss encounter; from Bowser at the end of Super Mario Bros, to the mothership in Phoenix. As well as being the climax in terms of gameplay, these fights are also intrinsically linked with the game's story. The boss will often have been a main antagonist that's been hyped up throughout the game, with the resolution of the plot tied in with their defeat. Occasionally though, boss fights can just feel... anticlimactic. Discovering that the big bad you've been fighting towards for 20 hours of gameplay is a pushover can cheapen the whole experience. It can also be the case that, while the gameplay was fun and challenging, the victory was ultimately pointless with regards to the story. This list takes a look at the most anticlimactic boss fights from gaming history, the encounters that, after a ridiculous amount of build up, left players asking "Was that it?!".
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