10 Awesome Features In Upcoming Video Games We Can't Wait To Use

None of us are ready for Dead Island 2's gnarly new gore system.

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An exciting video game can sell itself many different ways - perhaps it touts state-of-the-art AAA graphics, a uniquely compelling story, a badass protagonist, or simply does something totally different to what everyone expected.

And as much as most video games can do just fine repeating the hits of their predecessors, who among us doesn't love seeing something new and surprising?

These 10 hugely anticipated upcoming video games, whether sequels, spin-offs, or remakes, are all coming to market with at least one majorly attention-grabbing feature that's certainly got fans talking.

While new gameplay features and modes can often feel like desperate gimmicks to try and rescue a flagging franchise, these games are all boasting a new facet of gameplay that could change the whole game - literally.

From creative new twists on the boss battle formula, to innovative gore mechanics, bold new locations, long-requested modes, and even a revamped game engine, these features are all massively instrumental in selling these upcoming games.

As ever it remains to be seen how each game will fare critically and commercially, but these features have done nothing if not get people talking, which is really the best marketing anyone could ever ask for...

10. Eikon Battles - Final Fantasy XVI

starfield game
Square Enix

Final Fantasy XVI sure looks like it's going to be one hell of an entry into the hit RPG franchise, and perhaps its most exciting feature of all is the inclusion of Eikon battles.

Eikons are the game's most powerful summonable monsters, which are fought as bosses and can then be summoned afterwards, as is pretty standard fare for the series.

But what makes Final Fantasy XVI's approach a little different is that each of the Eikon battles is uniquely styled.

One might be a one-on-one wrestling match between the Eikon and your own summoned Eikon, while another serves as an homage to classic 3D shooters, and another takes place on a huge, sprawling battlefield.

There are said to be around 20 Eikon battles throughout the game, and it seems that Square Enix has put considerable effort into making these clashes stand out from your typical, familiar Final Fantasy boss battles. Get hype.


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