10 Awesome SNES RPG Series You Must Play Before You Die

5. Earthbound

earthboundbox Perhaps the greatest RPG series set in the present-day, Earthbound is an off-beat, enjoyable title which has recently gained greater popularity in the West after the appearance of Ness and Lucas in the Super Smash Bros titles. In equal parts a true RPG and a parody of the genre; instead of locations such as Hyrule and Gaia there€™s a humorous imitation of our own world (ten points for guessing what country €˜Eagleland€™ is supposed to represent). Easily amongst the most memorable titles on the list, Earthbound serves as proof that a fantasy title doesn€™t need goblins and dragons as enemies €“ €œNew Age Retro Hippie€ and €œAnnoying Old Party Man€ can work just as well. It€™s a refreshing take on a genre that can occasionally feel stale €“ instead of swords and shields, you€™ll be using baseball bats and yo-yos. In place of riding a dragon or blimp, you€™ll journey in a yellow submarine. The game is a celebration of American culture as perceived globally, rather than a depiction of America as it actually is, and is frequently hilarious as a result €“ one almost wishes the country could live up to the expectations created by the game. The humour is ever-present, from the absurd enemies you€™ll face to the constant jokes at the expense of the RPG genre. I€™ve actually chosen this game over the similar Dragon Quest because while the gameplay is almost identical, Earthbound€™s script and humour do a much better job of separating this game from the RPG pack. The game also boasts a memorable soundtrack, which is so popular in Japan that it€™s used in some school textbooks.
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