10 Awesome Songs We Discovered Thanks To GTA V

GTA V It€™s not uncommon for the GTA franchise to introduce its players to a bevy of new songs they most likely would have never found out about otherwise. As a teenager growing up in the 90€™s and 2000€™s, I vividly remember just falling in love with the pop 80€™s soundtrack of Vice City, featuring classics such as I Ran by A Flock of Seagulls. The vast selection of radio stations and songs have been a beloved staple of the franchise, and in GTA V, it is no different. It€™s somewhat more pertinent than ever before here, as going into GTA V, there wasn€™t a lot I was personally familiar with. Even the artists I recognised had songs listed I hadn€™t even heard of. When the dust had settled, though, I found myself with a multitude of new songs stuck in my head, ready to toss into the ol' iTunes library, and these are 10 of those songs, complete with brief descriptions and embedded links to listen to them.

10. Favored Nations - The Setup

Favoured Nations I can€™t say I€™ve ever heard of Favored Nations before GTA V, and Wikipedia isn€™t yielding much information on them either, so I€™ll just say that this song is pretty rhythmic and catchy. It€™s not very lyrically mind-blowing or anything, just really fun to listen to.

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