10 Awesome Super Mario Fan Theories You Had No Idea Existed

Ever wonder why Yoshi can only say his own name?

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When done right, fan theories help to expand the parameters of a given universe and give greater depth to all sorts of specific titles. In many respects, they enhance the work itself, building on the creation in such a way as to create a sense of endless possibility.

These theories receive a considerable degree of traction because they€™re well substantiated, which is also what makes them so utterly fascinating. They could be true, and this prospect alone ensures their continued survival. In many instances, even theories which have been outright denied have prospered regardless, proving that the whole 'death of the author' concept applies more than most to video games.

In regards to Mario, then, his popularity has led to an incalculable degree of speculation over the years, most of which has been well documented, and written about endlessly already.

However, with that said, here are the ten most irrefutable Mario fan theories you€™ve probably never even heard of

10. Super Mario Bros. Is A Retelling Of The Legend Of Zelda

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Throughout history, many cultures have retold the same stories, appropriating various themes and characters, and simply relocating events. Prior to the release of Hyrule Historia, this was generally the attitude that most people took towards to The Legend of Zelda series, believing that each new instalment was simply a retelling of the same basic tale.

We now know this isn€™t the case, however the theory itself is still applicable to games outside The Legend of Zelda series, such as Super Mario Bros.

The theory goes: Super Mario Bros. is a far-removed retelling of The Legend of Zelda. Mario is Link, Peach is Zelda, Bowser is Gannon and the Mushroom Kingdom is Hyrule. The names have been changed, the appearances of the characters have been changed, but quite a few commonalities remain. In Majora€™s Mask, it€™s actually possible to unlock a mask of Mario, suggesting that there may have been a historical figure who shared his appearance, a figure with whom Link was later confused in subsequent retellings of the story.

Equally, the eight temples may have evolved into the eight worlds, each still themed around various elements, such as fire and water. In this respect, Mario is essentially a bastardised version of the same story, passed down through the generations until it only barely resembles the circumstances of the original fable.


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