10 Awesome Things Sleeping Dogs Does Better Than GTA V

8. Moral Conundrums

There isn't really any kind of moral restriction in GTA V, it's not hard to embrace the fact that your character is a criminal without a care in the world so you can just go on a killing spree without the guilt. The problem this presents is when the game tries to make us feel like the characters are in a moral dilemma and we can't empathise, as has always been the issue with these games. In GTA IV, for example, Niko almost always turns down alcoholic drinks in cutscenes, but the player can get him incredibly drunk whenever they like. In GTA V, when cutscenes try and present the characters as thinking human beings with actual hearts, it's a difficult pill to swallow if you've just been gunning down a crowd of people five minutes earlier. Sleeping Dogs encourages the player to think about their actions and engage in the protagonist's situation. As you're an undercover cop and not really a triad, it kind of puts you off murdering citizen after citizen because that isn't what a cop does. Even though in GTA V, Franklin was supposed to be the "moral" character, it's still not hard to shoot a few people out of boredom when controlling him.

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