10 Awesome Video Game Boss Fights You Can Accidentally Skip

Hidden bosses are one thing, but these ones were right in front of your face.

Tango Gameworks

Unless you're an absolute glutton for punishment or a particularly anal completionist, chances are you won't actively seek out every boss fight in a game. Considering that most hidden and optional bosses are capable of feeding the player their own eyeballs in an instant, the majority of us would rather live in ignorant bliss than get turned into mulch.

Sure, it's easy to gloss over optional encounters but what about the ones that you simply skipped by accident?

It's not a particularly common occurrence but it can happen. Be it through the game giving you the impression that you need to flee, not being transparent enough with how to find them or you simply ventured so far off the beaten path that you walked straight past them, there are plenty of incredible encounters out there that many people accidentally skipped.

In some instances these encounters are essential to the game's narrative or lore, meaning that players can miss out on vital information or crucial story points, which can put an overall damper on the experience.

So dust off your favourite games guys because we're diving back in to tell you about all the bosses you may have accidentally skipped.


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