10 Awesome Video Game Trailers That Tricked You Into Playing Awful Games

10. No Man's Sky

Although indie titles usually don't get too much hype behind them, No Man's Sky was an exception.

Touting gameplay that would offer unlimited worlds to explore, endless potential for discovery, developer Hello Games convinced everyone they had made the next Minecraft-level hit. As many know, this was not what gamers got on release day.

Fueling from a reveal trailer that teased unseen ideas and possibility in the sci-fi genre, No Man's Sky became infamous for the overpromising and deliberately ramped-up hype brought on by project head Shawn Murray. It's unclear whether he oversold his game purposely or if his own excitement got so carried away that he could never fulfill any pre-release guarantees. Whatever the case, the game got a lot of flak for being far less than expected.

The reason why it's so low on the list is that the 2020 version of No Man's Sky is a far cry from its release version. With massive free additions that included true multiplayer, massive content updates, and even a VR mode, this title is actually one worth investing in nowadays.

It deserved the flak it got, but don't shy away from praising the developers' commitment to do right by players in the end.

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