10 Awesome Video Game Weapons You Never Got To Use

9. Excavator - Halo

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For a long time in the 00s, Bungie's Halo was the go to title in first person shooters. When your game is making enough of an impression that lacklustre titles are 'Halo Clones' and would be successors to the throne are referring to themselves as 'Halo Killers', you know you're doing something right.

Amongst the many things that Halo did to attain such accolades is Master Chief's arsenal, combining Human and Covenant weapons to mow through as many enemies as ammo would allow. Despite only wielding two at a time, Master Chief is not short of options to dispatch the Covenant, but even more weapons had to be cut during development.

In a 2021 Tweet, series co-creator Marcus Lehto revealed some weapons from an early build including a Microwave Gun, Concussion Gun, Particle Beam Rifle and the more cryptically named Excavator. Whilst the former three presented variations on the 'kill it with lasers' theme, the footage shows the Excavator spewing fire from the barrel as the waiting Covenant models evaporate from existence.

How these would behave in a full build is anybody's guess, but 'excavating' foes is something we've all thought about from time to time.

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