10 Awesome Video Game Weapons You Never Got To Use

The big guns and razor blades tragically taken from the path not travelled.

fallout new vegas
Obsidian Entertainment

As much as we gamers like to bat down any accusation that video games are a violent medium, we do have to admit that weapons form a big part of the gaming experience.

Whilst you'd be hard pressed to find any substantial wig splitters in your more run of the mill puzzlers or platform games, the vast majority of the gaming landscapes is very much predicated on a hero/villain mentality. If you're approaching your endgame ready to serve a big bad their just desserts, you'd better have some lethal toys to back yourself up.

Over the decades we've had hundreds of iconic weapons to chose from, whether it be Doom's tactically titled BFG or The Legend of Zelda's iconic Sword of Evil's Bane: The Master Sword. For every one of these grunt enders that made it to the final release however, there have been countless more which, for one reason or another, never made it to the completed game.

These then are the weapons plucked from the cutting room floor which, for one reason or another, gamers will never get their hands on.

10. Buster Sword - Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy XII

fallout new vegas
Square Enix

Okay, so we may be cheating a bit on this one, but bear with me.

Known more for its characters than its weapons of choice, Final Fantasy's Buster Sword is one sharp but impractically large customer which has permeated the collective consciousness since its first appearance in Final Fantasy VII. Appearing in toys, collectibles and even a 2014 episode of Adventure Time, few things say final Fantasy like this.

Square Enix clearly listened to the sword's rapturous reception, and placed it on a weapon shop display in Final Fantasy IX, with Zidane even making a reference to original wielder Cloud when examining it, but a quick hack of PS2 debut Final Fantasy X also reveals the sword as a usable weapon within the game code. Although Tidus can equip the weapon through hacking, the tribute to Final Fantasy's thick slab of razor metal is sadly not one fans would enjoy through a conventional play through.

As an added tease, the sword would appear again in Final Fantasy XII, wielded by Elite Mark Gilgamesh alongside the weapons of other protagonists. Enix clearly know how much people love this sword, even if they have a funny way of showing it.

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