10 Awesome Video Game Weapons You Never Got To Use

8. Programmable AR - GTA V

fallout new vegas

Few titles have had the behemoth impact upon the video game landscape like GTA V, with the title remaining popular nearly ten years and two console generations after its initial release.

Part of the fifth mainline title's success comes from the sheer size of the world it has created, with Los Santos becoming the player's colossal playground of side quests, customisations and NPC dialogue. In the development process that birthed such a mammoth world, its frankly baffling that developers couldn't find space for everything.

One of the casualties of the cutting room floor is the Programmable AR, a weapon which sits in the Assault Rifle slot but uses explosive ammo. Fans have speculated as to the exact nature of this weapon, but its similarity to the real life XM25 CDTE grenade launcher (affectionately nicknamed 'Punisher'), would suggest it is a grenade launcher which can alter the range and fire rate with each individual round.

As fun as it would be to launch some bespoke explosives upon the world, any sentence containing 'programmable' and 'grenade' which sits in the same postcode as Trevor Philips is cause for concern in of itself, so maybe its best to leave well enough alone.

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