10 Awesome Video Game Weapons You Never Got To Use

7. BFG Modules - Doom 2016

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One franchise which is not short of weapons is Doom.

In a gameplay model which largely consists of "Here's a gun, there's some demons, have fun", the Doom Slayer protagonist uses every projectile and explosive at his disposal to rip, tear, incinerate and detonate the hordes of hell which threaten to overwhelm him at any moment. At the peak of this deadly arsenal is the gun you use when nothing else will do: The BFG.

With a name a little less PG-13 than the Big Friendly Giant, the only thing giant about this miniature nuke launcher is the size of the crater you will be inhabiting after it goes off. Appearing in every single Doom game, fans were overjoyed when they picked it up again in 2016's non more metal reboot. As it turns out though, the version players got their hands on could've just been the tip of the iceberg.

Whilst it sounds frankly excessive to add extras on to the most powerful weapon in the game, scripts within the code reveal a set of 'modules' for the gun, giving it additional functions such as a laser beam, flame vortex, charged shot or, terrifyingly, rapid fire.

Excessive? Yes. Doing we want it? Absolutely.

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