10 Awesome Video Games That Are Terrible Now

9. L.A. Noire

Metal Gear Solid Phantom pain idroid
Rockstar Games

Rockstar and Team Bondi's attempt at making LA Confidential, the game, was an ambitious piece of work when it finally came to fruition in 2011. The motion capture performances were above and beyond what we'd seen before, as well as the depth of the crime scene investigations you carry out.

But when you go all CSI on the game itself with a modern take on it, it's actually a bit of a hot mess.

You'll begin to notice the weirdly disjointed connection between the heads and bodies of characters. Such was the focus on the ability to read realistic faces, it seems like the rest of a person was a secondary thought.

And as for the story? It's just so... erratic. Cole suddenly has an affair? Didn't really convey that stinger by watching him go to a jazz club on occasion. Suddenly you're Jack Kelso fighting goons with a flamethrower? What happened to harsh interrogation?

It feels like a game that had its overall story laid out for it, but had to pad it out with flimsy cases and false leads to double its length.


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