10 Awesome Video Games That Owe Their Success To Dark Souls

9. Shrouded In Sanity

Steve Gal

Visually, Shrouded in Sanity is incredibly reminiscent of Dark Souls – the UI in particular – but the game merges two major influences, including Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Besides that, the game emphasises space and movement, and time is a central mechanic, necessitating a degree of patience and restraint on the part of the player.

In the game, the player is expected to explore a mysterious mansion – including the grounds, the catacombs and surrounding areas – uncovering a sinister mystery in the process, one which has seemingly infected the inhabitants, turning them into murderous maniacs and psychopaths.

The ‘You Expired’ death screens are particularly evocative of Dark Souls’, but the similarities are far more significant than merely cosmetic, drawing upon cosmological horror and physical decay as major themes and emphasising methodical combat. It’s essentially the product of two very separate genres, merged together perfectly to create a wonderful amalgam of both.

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