10 Awful-Sounding Video Games That (Fortunately) Got Cancelled

5. Miss Universe: The Game

Developer: EA Black Box Year of cancellation: 2013 Miss Universe: The Game (presumably a working title) was to be the first ever official Miss Universe game, for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and Wii. Miss Universe was never officially cancelled, but judging from developer EA Black Box's closure and the total radio silence surrounding the project, it's probably safe to assume that the game isn't happening. Not many details were released about the game, although the game was said to be centred around competing in pageants to be crowned Miss Universe. Interestingly, it would have featured competitive multiplayer for up to eight players, allowing you to choose what year to compete in from 1952 all the way up to the present. As great as that sounds for Miss Universe fanatics everywhere, the rest of us can be happy that this one was shelved.

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