10 Awful Things We All Did In Video Games

9. Leaving People Hogtied On The Train Tracks - Red Dead Redemption

red dead redemption hogtie
Rockstar & YouTube: Robbaz

Sometimes players can't be fully blamed for committing an in-game act - the developers put it in the game first, after all, and in the case of Red Dead Redemption they even made a damn achievement for it.

The first game's "Dastardly" achievement requires players to hogtie a woman and leave her on a set of traintracks to be pulped by an oncoming train.

Doing so will predictably result in the poor woman's chunky red remains being showered over the player in what's both totally f***ed up and yet perversely hilarious.

Red Dead Redemption 2 continued the tradition, yet the game's enhanced visual fidelity resulted in a less-cartoonish outcome, with the victim typically being smushed underneath the train and reduced to a long red smear along the tracks.

Rockstar has allowed players to do many terrible things in their games over the years, but the cruelty of leaving a potentially totally innocent person to die one of the most terrifyingly violent deaths imaginable is something else entirely.

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