10 Awkward Moments In Awesome Recent Video Games

Just as these games were awesome, these moments were awesomely awkward.


Video games have become a more complex medium than ever before.

Gone are the days where you just jumped on turtles and went castle to castle, or an old man in a cave gave you a sword before you headed on your way. Now we have vast open worlds with amazingly realistic graphics, interwoven with narratives that can tell stories lasting centuries in a single title.

With so many different possible scenarios and plot elements to factor in, as well as gameplay and deadlines, writing and programming for video games is arguably more demanding than many other jobs in media, especially compared to the likes of film and television.

With so many aspects having to work together at the same time to build a cohesive final product, it's inevitable that things will slip through the cracks.

It happens to the best of them, and by the time a game is released, it can become clear where the team's priorities rightly (or wrongly) were placed. With this in mind, let us take a look at awkward moments in amazing recently released video games.


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