10 Best "The Game Is Bigger Than You Think" Moments

9. The Stanley Parable

the stanley parable
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From the outset The Stanley Parable seems pretty bizarre albeit straightforward. You’re a guy called Stanley working an office job who, for some reason, is having his life narrated.

Not just narrated, though, instructed. When you kick into the game the narrator lays out your next steps for you, the implication being that you as the player can just follow along with what you’ve been slated to do. Of course, you can also not do that. When the narrator says that Stanley turns left, you can turn right. You naturally expect that things will develop beyond this point but few would predict that the possibilities in this game would extend to commentary on existentialism, philosophy, the nature of happiness, free will, and duty.

There are also an enormous amount of endings including hitting a button to stop a cardboard cutout of a baby from crawling into a fire right down to musings on the human condition, life, and society.

Given there are so many possibilities for where the game can ultimately go and how and when you choose to go there, your personal moment for when you realise this game is way bigger than you expected will be just that, personal. But when it does hit you it’s a very exciting realisation.

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