10 Best Anime Games Of The Last 10 Years

Anime games aren't always known for their quality - but these titles are the best of the best.

Db Fighterz Teen Gohan
Arc System Works

The last decade has been an incredible ten years for anime games. Without a doubt, some of the best anime games of all time have been released since 2010, and there are a couple of decent looking games still to be released!

Unfortunately, the last decade has seen some underwhelming releases too. Games like Jump Force, My Hero's One Justice 2, and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot have failed to reach the same level of quality as their contemporaries. Sadly, even in 2020 bad anime games are par for the course, with publishers eagerly pushing out sub-standard games just to capitalize on an anime's current popularity.

Every anime fan has experienced the sting of getting hype to finally play as their favourite character, only to end up wasting their money on a substandard product. That isn't to say great anime games don't exist, it's just that with any game based on a pre-existing property there's more of a chance it'll fall well below expectations.

But this list isn't about the worst ten anime games of the last decade, it's about the best of the best! The cream of the crop! And there have been some absolute bangers, folks.

It would finally seem like anime games are slowly getting the kind of attention and love they deserve, most likely in no small part due to anime's ever-increasing popularity. Remember when it used to be lame to like anime? Now everyone and their nan watches My Hero Academia. If only that series had a good game, too...

10. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Db Fighterz Teen Gohan

The Ninja Storm games have been around for a good few years now, with Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 being the sixth installment in the series. The basic gameplay hasn't changed too much from game to game, instead seeing graphical updates and small gameplay features added to keep things fresh.

The sheer amount of playable characters in the latest Ninja Storm game is insane, with a hundred and twenty-four playable ninjas at your disposal (providing you own the expansion pack) - enough to put the Budokai Tenkaichi games to shame.

The storyline is also great fun for any Naruto fan, offering an extremely large breadth of missions and content to delve into with a decent amount of replay value to boot. Whilst a lot of the ninjas in the game play very similarly, there's enough effort and love put into their super and ultimate attacks that any fan will come away feeling fulfilled. It helps that the game looks pretty too!

Sadly it would seem Ninja Storm 4 is the last entry in the series (according to Bandai Namco at least) but it's hard to see how they'd top it. Maybe there's a chance we'll see a seventh game once the Boruto anime finishes.


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