10 Best Areas In Dark Souls

Where in Dark Souls did you enjoy the location so much you barely noticed the constant death?


Despite being a series that is famous for its difficulty, its brutal learning curve and its boss fights, there is a lot more to the Dark Souls series than just this. Interesting characters, a deep and engaging world and a real sense of deep lore and history that is always more hinted it than explained to you.

While it is easy to look at the series and pick out the bits that the players generally didn't like, there is plenty to be admired. Ask anyone who has spent a large amount of time with the games and they will happily tell you which bosses were unfair, which enemies were infuriating or which levels were poorly designed.

The areas within the series have been hit and miss, as any games of this size are liable to be, but there have been some that it is generally agreed were done to an exceptional standard. Whether it's pure aesthetics, heavy lore implications or just fun mechanics and a place that the player looks forward to revisiting on subsequent playthroughs, what are the areas in Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3 that are agreed to be pretty good?

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