10 Best Boss Fights In 3D Super Mario History

Which of the plumber's boss bouts reigns supreme?

Super Mario Galaxy Bowser

Super Mario Odyssey is nearly here. Nintendo's mascot character is preparing to make a triumphant return to the true 3D genre, following on from Super Mario Galaxy 2 in 2010. Throughout the 3D Mario games, the plumber has faced off against all manner of baddies, ranging from the humble Goomba to the mischievous Boo. But it's the boss fights where Mario's - and the player's - wits and skills are put to the test.

Mario has faced off against some pretty nasty foes over the years, including his arch-nemesis Bowser on many occasions, and most (if not quite all of them) don't go down without a fight.

Super Mario Odyssey already looks set to continue this trend by having some creative and memorable bosses, but what about those that came before?

Looking at the 3D Mario history, it's clear that Nintendo approach boss fights with a level of creativity and ingenuity that helps make a few of them truly stand out from the pack. Across boss design, music, visuals and overall gameplay elements, here are Mario's very worst, at their very best.

10. Gobblegut (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Super Mario Galaxy Bowser

The first main boss from Super Mario Galaxy 2 is also one of the best. Gobblegut has an incredible design and is easily one of Mario's largest foes. This enormous dragon flies around the planet - which is suitably tiny to emphasise the scale even more - before attempting to devour Mario.

Gobblegut isn't a particularly difficult boss to defeat. His writhing body is covered in 'bellyache bulges', which are large, red weak spots that Mario needs to burst. Gobblegut will occasionally attempt to eat the player, slamming into the planet and making a part of his body vulnerable.

The fast-paced soundtrack and Gobblegut's sheer, overwhelming size, help to make this fight truly intense. For the first main boss in the game, it's a hell of an opener to what would turn out to be the generation's finest platformer. It's hard not to feel sorry for Gobblegut though - when he died, his body was turned into a race track. Poor guy.

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