10 Best Campaign Moments From The Gears Of War Trilogy

From musclebound mayhem to true bromance, Gears has it all.

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For the last decade, Gears of War has been one of the Xbox's premier franchises. Sure, Halo made the original console a contender, but it was Gears of War that propelled the Xbox 360 to stardom with utterly stunning graphics and smart, cover-based gameplay that's been imitated ever since. Now, with Gears of War 4, the series prepares to make its first true jump to the current generation.

Gears of War has been praised for its high-octane, fast gunplay, and while multiplayer is a huge part of the this, Gears of War captivated audiences with a surprisingly good story underneath all the macho bravado and overly gruff voices. It was clear from the get-go that developer Epic Games had a real vision for the narrative, with a struggling humanity desperately trying to fight back against the seemingly unstoppable Locust Horde. The series was a masterpiece in tone and setting, and fighting back against the subterranean menace was always compelling.

The campaigns from the Gears of War trilogy are very fondly remembered and as such, have a lot of fantastic, sometimes heart-wrenching moments. In this list it's time to take a look back and check out the 10 best moments in Gears of War campaign history.

Delta, let's go, and spoilers ahead if you haven't actually finished the trilogy yet.


10. Anthony Carmine Dies (Gears Of War)

While not a particularly standout moment or even a particularly shocking death scene, the sniping of Anthony Carmine set into motion one of Gears of War's most popular trends - the unfortunate destiny of the Carmine clan.

You're introduced to Anthony almost immediately as he revels in being in the presence of grizzled war veteran Marcus Fenix, and his enthusiasm is infectious - the start of Gears of War is an exciting time for the player, too. However, Anthony's life is brutally and unexpectedly cut short by a sniper, who takes him out as he struggles to fix his jammed Lancer rifle.

It's a moment that showcases Gears of War's take on character death - it can come, swift and effective, to anyone, something the game showcases even better just a few chapters later. Carmine's death started the Gears of War trope that a Carmine would feature, and die, in each of the Gears games - that was until Gears of War 3 however, where the community was given the choice and they, mercifully, voted to let Clayton Carmine live.

Isn't that nice?


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