10 Best Dark Souls Bosses We Loved To Hate

The Dark Souls series is known for its brutal bosses – but which is best?

game-insider.comNamcoBandaiThe end of level boss has been a cornerstone of video games since they crackled into life back in the 70s. From smacking the many contraptions of Doctor Robotnik as Sonic to felling fearsome giants in Shadow of the Colossus, we gamers have relished taking on the biggest, baddest enemies in death-defying battles that will forever be burned into our memories. The Dark Souls series has taken the beloved boss-fight tradition and turned them into a gruesome art form, with players coming to both dread and relish stumbling upon one of those infamous fog doors that lead to a new, terrifying foe. These foreboding gateways promise not only countless defeats, but also that one elusive and joyous victory. The demons come in all shapes and sizes, from Knights who lumber forth in heavy armour to hulking dragons which spit fire into your eyeballs. Some bosses are fought in vast battlegrounds with backdrops of anything from waterfalls to fiery volcano ridges, and some are fought in more enclosed spaces, forcing the player to get close and personal with their worst nightmares. Either way it's always a thrilling experience, and since you're likely going to die to these imposing demons many times, it's hard not to get to know them intimately... whether you like it or not. With three packs of DLC on the horizon for Dark Souls 2, it's a great time to take a look back at the finest bosses of the series and what makes them so memorable. There are spoilers ahead though, so be warned!
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