10 Best First-Person Shooters Of All Time

The cream of the most popular genre crop.


First-Person Shooters are undoubtedly one of the most popular genres in gaming. While the genre has evolved, its central purpose of adrenaline-filled action has remained since the early days of Doom and Wolfenstein. Although no one will be calling the latest Call of Duty a "Doom Shooter" today (because yes, that was a thing in the 90s), the key components of the genre have remained surprisingly similar.

However, there are some games that shake the world, the controller and the player to their very core. The titles that change the status quo by adding the unthinkable and revitalising what could be a tired genre.

These do not arrive very often, but when they do, they tend to develop a following of super fans who have connected to the mechanics. With that in mind, the best first-person shooter can actually be quite a controversial topic.

While the saturated genre sees plenty of cookie-cutter, low impact titles come and go - the following have etched their names into the gaming history books.


10. Battlefield 1


Electronic Arts' answer to Call of Duty, well nearly an answer, definitely good-hearted competition. The Battlefield franchise has largely been a success because of its sturdy first-person shooter mechanics and historical settings. However, Battlefield 1, which was coincidently not the first entry in the franchise , really upped the status of the series and it has yet to be surpassed.

Many reviews praised the fact that Battlefield 1 managed to make the complexities of World War 1 easy to understand and as a result enjoyable. The game showcased how good a game can be that is grounded in the gritty reality of war while leaning on trusted mechanics.

However, some critics were more impressed with the fact that the title made World War 1 compelling, which in the aftermath of this game seems to be an odd concern as it showed just how moving the war was (as if anyone had forgotten).

The quality of this Battlefied game truly shines now that players have received Battlefield 5 which lacked in content and relied on a thin story. Partly due to this comparison and because of the franchises own achievements, Battlefield 1 is the best game of one of the best first-person shooter games.

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