10 Best Historical First-Person Shooter Video Games

10. History Civil War: Secret Missions (2008)

Video games taking place during the American Civil War are rare, with most of it being obscure strategy games and horrible action games. Then came along History Channel who released Civil War – A Nation Divided and its sequel, Civil War: Secret Missions.

Civil War: Secret Missions had improved graphics and gameplay than its predecessor, but focused more on Civil War missions conducted behind enemy lines (hence the title “Secret Missions”).

Iconic innovations of the era like lever action rifles and early automatic weapons, as well as famous individuals such as Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, make an appearance. Players can also engage in many of the bloodiest battles in the War from Chancellorsville to Vicksburg.

While Civil War: Secret Missions was a low-budget game that garnered only mediocre ratings, it was the first to show the gaming industry that there is a place for shooters beyond the invention of tanks and portable machine guns. Civil War action games such as Bound in Blood and War of Rights would take and improve the same steps years later.


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