10 Best Horror Video Games Of 2020

9. Song Of Horror: Complete Edition

Maid Of Sker
Protocol Games

Fans of Silent Hill and Resident Evil rejoice! Song of Horror, an interesting homage to those games of yesteryear, started releasing its five episodes in 2019 with its Complete Edition releasing in 2020. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of this one, it flew completely under the radar.

With fixed camera angles, lashings of atmosphere, a charming aesthetic, puzzles, and some old school scares, this is a must for anyone missing those nineties horror games that had such a lasting impact on us all. This nostalgic treat even has the player using “tank” controls, just that thought alone is enough to raise a few hairs, as well as a few eyebrows.

Song of Horror has the player take control not of a tank, but of thirteen different characters spread over the course of the five episodes. All of these characters come with their very own backstories to unravel as you play. Armed only with a torch, each character progresses by solving puzzles and keeping well clear of The Presence, an entity that adapts to your actions and can be hiding behind any door in the game’s setting, what else but an old mansion of course!


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