10 Best Legend Of Zelda Songs

Never has an Ocarina sounded so good.

legend of zelda ocarina of time

As a franchise, Legend of Zelda has transcended media history. The games are universally beloved and there is a good reason for that: They are genuinely ground-breaking titles that consistently adapted their style and tone, keeping the series relevant and always reaching new heights.

Even those who don't play video games are familiar with the aesthetic and characters of the series. The unique world of Hyrule is one that is engrained into popular culture and part of the collective conscious.

With that said, many things come together to make The Legend of Zelda. One of the most prominent elements that carve out the individuality of the franchise is the music. Iconic tunes that people who've never even played the games can hum along too are bountiful within the series.

With each new game comes a new set of sounds, whilst often still retaining the classics and giving them new life. With Breath of the Wild's sequel in development, we know that more melodies will be coming along.

Therefore now seems the perfect time to look back on this legacy and examine how music has played a part in it.

10. Fairy’s Fountain Theme

The Fairy Fountain Theme has a beautiful place in the LOZ franchise. Its use of soft repetitive harmonies gives the theme an otherworldly and ethereal quality which helps to bring Hyrule and all subsequent locations to life. The fairy setting matches perfectly with the melodies angelic staccato progressions.

The song has appeared in every Legend of Zelda game excluding Link's Awakening, Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. Being such a commonly used motif throughout the franchise gives players a sense of familiarity with the theme. It often delivers a pleasing aroma of nostalgia for those used to playing the games in their childhood.

Having a familiar sound that grows and appears throughout the franchise also breeds evolution for the soundtrack. Throughout all of its uses in the games, it has matched the technological requirements and altered itself appropriately to make it feel familiar yet different.

The song found its inspiration from the map theme in world 3 of Super Mario Bros 3. This highlights how connected the music is to Nintendo as intellectual property.


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