10 Best Mac Video Games Of 2016

Gaming's most neglected platform still has a ton to offer.


2016 has been a great year for gaming, and the console cycle is in full swing. Nintendo have finally ditched the Wii U, and VR is making a solid bid to become the future of the medium overall.

Even the Mac library has been greatly improved. Long considered to be the redheaded stepchild of gaming platforms, OSX can now boast a broad range of high-rated games. This surge in attention to the Mac’s gaming library is undoubtedly due to the popularity of the Apple brand, however, there has also been increased attention from developers to create games with OSX in mind, as well as efforts from companies such as Feral and Aspyr who take PC games and make them playable for the Mac.

Granted, the Mac will never become the gaming machine of choice for any gamer, but it is good to know that if you do find yourself stranded somewhere with only your Macbook for company, you are able to play some great titles.

This list covers a broad range of genres, from indie to triple A, all available for gaming’s most neglected platform.