10 Best Minecraft Creations

We all have our favourite builds and here's mine...

1. Lifesize USS Enterprise By now, everyone knows about this. Originally uploaded by halnicholas (real name Joshua Walker), this is an almost to scale model of the infamous USS Enterprise from the Star Trek series. Scaled at 1.22:1, the ship contains nigh on 4 million blocks, making the in-game size roughly 800m. A lot of people have a certain amount of negativity over this project, due to his self admittance of using a computer to lay down the blocks. "If they mean fake by 'I didn't lay down every block' well, yes, I used a computer to help, but it's just a tool," Walker explained. "I just applied a little ingenuity to make what I did. If it seems cheap, well, it was something I whipped up for fun. I didn't mean for it to blow up and get scrutinized by people from around the world." Either way, it's a masterpiece, and one that will forever be lore in the tales of Minecraft history.
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