10 Best Multiplayer Horror Video Games

Those who slay together, stay together.

multiplayer horror
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Horror is one of the most difficult genres that a video game can attempt to create.

Capturing the atmosphere and the feelings of peril, on top of creating spine-chilling enemies and genuinely good gameplay can be almost impossible to do.

Throwing a friend or two into the mix and you stand a good chance of just being able to nervously laugh your way through any traumatic experience.

These games, however, have hit the nail on the head.

The gloomy hallways. The daunting forests. The abandoned cities. Creatures and killers lurk around every corner and hide in every shadow just waiting for the opportunity to rip you and your friends apart.

These games will test your bottle as well as providing a great gaming experience, whether it be through original mechanics, intricate design or a more simplistic approach.

Some will even let you play as the killer.

Whilst almost every game in this list can be played solo (or at most with AI companions), there is just simply far more fun to be had with a couple of mates.

Whether you want to play through full dramatic stories, wave-based survival modes or something a tad more unique, it is all right here.

10. Left 4 Dead 2

multiplayer horror

Valve may have left this series for dead with the most recent release coming in 2009, but Left 4 Dead 2's gameplay still holds up fantastically well, offering hours of fun for you and three of your mates.

You have control over one of four playable characters: Nick, Ellis, Rochelle and Coach. In the campaign mode, you must work together throughout five different levels to fight off the zombie hordes and reach safety.

The most interesting aspect of the game design introduces an AI Director. This means that the difficulty of the game will change on the fly depending on how well you are doing and how quickly you are progressing.

This combination of fast-paced action with the idea that you are never safe makes for a thrilling horror experience.

Other game modes include Versus, which see the campaigns played as normal, but the special infected - hunters, smokers, boomers, and even tanks - are controlled by other people, who can win the round by killing the survivors.

There is also a terrific Survival mode where you must simply last as long as you can and a Scavenge mode where survivors must collect fuel and the player-controlled infected must stop them.

There is endless fun to be had in the world of Left 4 Dead 2.

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